What is disaster housing?

People live in a world full of unexpected occurrences which include accidents and natural disasters that can strike anytime day or night. Disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, tsunami, terrorism, wars, hurricanes and much more can force you to move from your homes unexpectedly and seek shelter somewhere else. Many places which are prone to disasters have adopted disaster housing to shelter refugees and people in case of a disaster.

Disaster houses are temporary shelters constructed to house people for a limited period of time when disasters force them to move away from their residential areas. If you are interested there is a great ted talk by Michael Mcdaniel on disaster housing. They are usually constructed by the government or charity organizations and only offer shelter for a limited period of time. Fema actually offers a training course on Disaster Related Housing for those people who want to know how to help during a time of crisis. 

Why is disaster housing needed?

For emergency situations

Nobody knows when and where a disaster will strike. It usually gets people by surprise and present people with unexpected emergency situations. Disaster housing helps in such times ensuring people are at least able to get roofs over their heads even if not as comfortable as their previous houses.


Disasters are not things we can avoid and it can strike anytime without warning. Tsunami, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are unavoidable. There are other disasters that occur due to human doings such as fire, terrorism, war among others. You can sleep comfortably one night and wake up the next day with nothing if you happen to survive. Whatever the cause or nature of the disaster, preparedness is always necessary. Disaster housing helps in preparation for any disaster that can occur ensuring people get emergency shelters until they can go back home.

Shelter for refugees

Across every nation's borders, there are neighboring nations. They can seek shelter in another state when they have displaced as a result natural disasters. Many states receive refugees and provide shelter and food to them until they can go back to their countries. Disaster housing programs are put into place to ensure refugees get temporary shelters when they enter the borders of another state.

Temporary shelter

A natural disaster such as tsunami, floods or earthquake can sweep out a whole city leaving the surviving people with no roof over their heads. Disaster housing comes to the rescue of such people during these particular times ensuring they have a place to stay at least until new permanent houses can be rebuilt and they can go back to their initial residents.

Fasten the recovery process

Disasters can cause so many traumas to the affected people and bring down the economic stability of a state. The loss of property and loved ones can be so overwhelming and can weigh down most people. Having a place to put your head for a limited time can fasten the recovery process and help people get back to their feet. Disaster housing is put in place for such purposes.

Offer relief

Disaster times cause so many worries and you need to worry about many things starting from food, medication, to shelter. Disaster housing is put in place to ensure they offer relief to the affected persons so that they can focus on the recovery process and getting back to their original homes.